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Christian Author Writer When I speak, I speak from personal experiences in my life. The struggle to do what’s right, and the ever nagging instinct to do what’s wrong…

I found recently, that the choices we make defiantly have their share of consequences, for better or for worse. The will and determination to stay on the straight and narrow can be clouded by darkness and despair, but in such times we must remember God and hold fast to our faith and his word.

God truly knows and hears each and everyone of his sheep regardless their physical, emotional, and spiritual state. I must say, “God has a way of getting our undivided attention when we turn our faces from him.” The fulfillment's in this world through earthly pleasures can never mend the void of our personal savior Jesus Christ.

Christ came into this world to restore what was broken. He is the answer to our every question, and to our every doubt. Jesus is the giver of peace, hope, and love to the broken hearted and lonely. There is no greater love than that of the father and his precious son.

It is human nature to be tempted, angered, and afraid, but when faced with these issues you must fight and overcome your trials, with faith and the word of the lord.

One of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received was my faith in Christ Jesus. Because of my faith in Jesus, I have truly been blessed physically and spiritually. Faith in God can break a stronghold or restore and mend the broken peaces of your life. It only takes a heartfelt prayer unto God giving him the situation whatever it may be, and from that moment truly expecting a change.

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