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Christian Author Writer Life is meaningful and is something that everyone should cherish and share in together. God intended for every individual regardless one’s ethnic, or origin to establish a binding, loving and unbreakable relationship with one another, also exhibiting a healthy spiritual connection through faith with the Devine.

The weight of work and maintaining a functional home atmosphere from a materialistic perspective, can in some cases contribute to unintentional neglect. The two most commonly effected areas would be one’s spiritual prosperity and personal family interests.

In these particular situations the end result doesn’t always have to symbolize years of regret and constant “what if’s.” The choice is yours to make and the matter should be consulted with Christ and then his father. We must not lose sight of our goals, ambitions, values, and beliefs because the present situation or circumstance clouds our better judgment.

There is a time and a season for everything, a time to pray and fast in accordance to the word and will of the lord, God. He knows your need and is willing to rebuild the broken bridge whatever it may be. God only asks of you what he think’s you can handle. He’s neither cruel nor vengeful to those who love and honor him.

Our trials come not to hurt nor burden, but to remind and rebuild a stronger and longer lasting foundation spiritually and emotionally. Our situations are the tools in which God uses to fulfill his plans and glorify his redemptive works.

Because of the constant distractions around us and in our ever-changing world, we must learn to be attentive to the voice of God, and the tools in which he uses to work. I have learned that Gods voice speaks in a since, as many different tongues recognizable for some, but completely untranslatable for others.

The ability to learn and know Gods voice depends primarily on the individual and their connection to faith, reading the word and seeking the most high in prayer on a regular basis. I have taken notice in my own personal circumstances, that God answers your prayers based upon your dedication, your willingness and obedience toward his teachings.

“How can we as fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters expect great things from our children or siblings, but reward bad behavior with the showering of great gifts and praising gestures?” We can’t expect God’s standards and ambitions if you will, to be lowered due to our incapability to withstand temptation, worry, pain and sorrow.

God literally laid the law for all of us to follow and grow as existing and potential Christians. The road may be the hardest you’ve ever traveled, but the destination is worth every hardship and struggle along the way. Once we have sincerely subjected ourselves to God’s will excepting our situation and circumstance, then we shall overcome and be reminded of what truly matters most.

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