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Christian Author Writer Food is a necessity that is ultimately essential to the body’s health and growth. The intake and digestion of the proper nutrients in one’s body can help defend and build resistance against bacterial infections and harmful substances. Much like our physical needs, the nourishment and prosperity from a more “Devine” perspective must also retain the same attributes.

Many individuals focus on primarily the needs of the body and not of the soul. The soul is quite significant and plays an important part in our ultimate destiny with Christ. The physical needs and ambitions are indeed important to some extent, but the spiritual and emotional connection with God must also be established and constantly acknowledged throughout one‘s life.

We must learn to meet our spiritual needs and put our personal lives on the proverbial back burner, if you will. Having a stronger connection to God and to Christ, can ultimately mold and substantially shape the future you, me or any individual persistently works to assure.

God exists, after the great mountains have crumbled and the outstretching sea’s have diminished and dried. His grace is everlasting and his gifts never actually stop giving. In him we all are to entrust our hearts, our lives, but ultimately our souls. Furthermore, faith and the word of the lord is our connection to such wealth and riches numbered greater than any material pleasure found on earth.

God hears our cries of international depression, poverty, freedom and genocide, but asks only for faith in return for his rewards. Truly excepting Christ is partly the binding tie that is threaded into our garments of Christianity and righteousness. Other aspects must be met and explored in-depth through God’s Holy word in order to understand and discern the entire meaning.

The same holds true to our modern day practices exhibited in college or in high school. Professors and Instructors teach willingly through their daily lectures and lessons, leaving the learning and comprehending process ultimately up to their students. The textbooks in which they use are indeed the foundation of the class or course in which they teach. The same is no more or less relevant to God and his scriptures which are found in the Holy Bible.

We are as believers, saved because of the redemptive works of Christ on the cross, but redemption is only the gift given freely to those who are willing to accept it. As said before, excepting is indeed the start of one’s spiritual journey to heaven and to Christ, but to gain wisdom, assurance, prosperity and a solid unwavering relationship with the heavenly father, is ultimately formed through long-suffering, worship and consecration.

Following Gods will and obeying his commandments are profoundly what defines an individual as a Christian and the means in which one is given unto. If our lives, minds hearts and souls line up in accordance to the sum of those who were given favor in the sight of God, creator of the universe, “how are we or our times in anyway less important?”

It’s not entirely a question of what shall we eat, but in whom should we serve, ultimately filling and satisfying our spiritual hunger with Gods word, which is and always will be, our daily bread.

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