God's Will For Man - An Everlasting Love; That Never Falters

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Christian Author Writer Much like a mothers unwavering love for her child, God also shares that kind of connection with all of us. He is in our lives, the ever-watchful guardian and way maker, but also our heavenly father. There is no greater love than his love, overlooking our past, our faults and shortcomings. God is indeed gracious, but we must learn to reference and preserve it at all costs.

God’s love and grace, is in a since, like our materialistic possessions we value greatly on earth. After working hard and meeting our goals, the praise and revenue we generate ultimately builds and establishes our future. We quite often, take much thought in what we shall become and what we so desperately dream of accomplishing. This ultimately displays our inability to comprehend the give-and-take relationship formed between God, which is the Heavenly father and his creation.

On the contrary, our spiritual storehouses should not at anytime be found empty. If the Heavenly Father offers infinite love and grace, are we so adamantly opposed to this fact, that we unknowingly disregard our own will to give back? And if so, why do we expect God to forgive our sins and trespasses, if we ignore our own spiritual responsibilities.

We are in more ways than others greedy, wanting our cake and ice cream too, but we must learn that some of life’s most wonderful pleasures, sometimes results in sour faces and bellyaches.

How long is our gracious God willing to except our prayers of forgiveness and redemption? The answer to that question was shown many of times throughout history, but directly states it’s depths on Calvary, through Christ. As stated in scripture; “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not parish, but have everlasting life.” What more of an example of God’s love do we actually need to be brought to our senses, sincerely repenting of our sins?

There is no place in our complicated, overbearing or broken lives that God’s love can’t reach us. He is willing to mend and tend the wounds of your paining struggle for life and prosperity. We must learn and remember that just as a mother knows when to give to her child, that God also knows when to give unto us, in the same instance.

We may not right away, hear the will of the lord, but that doesn’t mean he will not speak to us. Patience and longsuffering are the building blocks to anyone’s journey on the spiritual path. The bumps in the road along the way, are not put there for you to fall and stay down. Every struggle and circumstance that you are met with, isn’t always characterized by the acts of the cynical being, but more or less by the will of the lord.

We are taught important lessons while enduring pain or fighting an ongoing struggle. We often emerge victorious, polished pure as gold. You may never truly know your worth in life until you are tried with the heat of life’s furnace. The end results are often eye-opening and life changing, but in a lot of cases this particular method can be avoided.

If we listen closely, and honestly obey God’s will for man, then, will we see clearer than ever before. If we do not harken and subject ourselves to Gods word, how else can we be acknowledged of what we have forgotten?

God is not in any way cruel, that he allows and causes less than desired situations to occur, but through these situations, he teaches and enforces a better way through eternal life. His actions are not formed by hate, but primarily from his everlasting love; that never falters.

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