God's Will For Man - A House Is Not A Home, Without Christ

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Christian Author Writer Have you ever at any point and time, stopped to think, “where is my life headed?” Or maybe, “why do I feel alone and empty, even though, I have the perfect family, job and home? For starters, the perfect home for some lower, middle and even high-class families, are only defined from an sociological viewpoint, not a spiritual one. This particular method poses quite the problem for skeptics, individuals who are primarily attending church services based upon societies standards, not God's, ultimately disregarding the most important part; discovering faith in Christ Jesus.

It is truly a blessing to gather your family together on Sunday morning, reading, listening and learning the works and will of the lord, but why practice such things openly among your friends and members of the church, when in all actuality, it’s just an image, a façade used to satisfy those around you. Faith and trust in Christ is infinitely more than just a frequent trip to Church. There’s the road to forgiveness one must travel, before arriving at the ultimate destination, Heaven.

Christ speaks in the Holy Bible, to train up a child so that they may know the way and grow with him, never forgetting the word and Christian teachings of his Father. A strong and healthy family, is one that prays and practices such things. They must cherish God, keeping their roots deep in Christian soil, growing, and producing good fruit. A single bad seed can sometimes destroy the crop, but properly tending and clipping the vines, can result in promise and prosperity.

Children are the future of the next generation, maintaining and building a solid foundation for them to stand upon, is very imperative. God wishes we teach our children in their youth, to reverence him in all their works and ultimately their lives. “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven,” states Jesus Christ, in Holy scripture. A family that prays together, definitely stays together, growing, exploring and establishing their faith as a whole.

Gods primary purpose in a sense, for promoting togetherness, associates itself as being on one accord as stated in scripture, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This is particularly important for our daily lives and endeavors. God is willing to give according to your faith, yes, but also uniting as one and praying together as a family, can help move God, ultimately leading to your answered prayer or request.

Family comes first in the natural blind eye, but once enlightened with the proper values and priorities, you will be able to see beyond the veil of self, gaining incredible perception and detail into Gods Will. The Heavenly Father intends and prefers that we meet the personal needs of our families, but what he so desperately wants us to first acknowledge, is that a house is not a home, without Christ.

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