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Christian Author Writer Something happened this week that I just have to share with you. It contrasts against the fuss that the liberal media made about Tim Tebow’s commercial during the Super Bowl. The commercial wasn’t a diatribe against abortion as many expected. It was about a mother’s choice to have a baby, even when she had been told the baby needed to be aborted because of her medical complications. The parents prayed, “Lord, if You give us another son, then we’ll raise him to be a preacher.”

We all know the story of how Tim has grown to be an amazing man of God and a future leader on and off the football field. His future is bright and promising because of the love of his parents.

The story of Corra didn’t have the same ending to her life that Tebow’s had. Her story didn’t happen under the lights of the Florida Gators’ home stadium. Corra’s story happened in a modest home in Arizona with a mom and dad who demonstrated to her what the extraordinary love of the Father looks like.

Little Corra’s birth mother had lined up a family to adopt her, but after hearing that Corra would be severely handicapped and probably would not live very long, they respectfully declined.

Ted, the adoption attorney, called me to pray. He shared that not only was Corra in harm’s way, but the family who was going to adopt her decided to back out. Ted asked, “Ed, pray that I will be able to find a family to adopt her.” I remember hearing those words and thinking that to adopt a healthy baby is one thing, but to choose a baby who would be handicapped and might not live long, is an extraordinary kind of love.

Ted made the next phone call to David and Rebecca in Arizona to ask them if they would be interested. David said, “Ted, you could not have called me at a worse time. I am out of a job and my youngest daughter is starting chemotherapy. But you know, I will ask my wife and pray about it.” They called Ted back and told him, “We want this child!” When David arrived in California, he found a reluctant birth mom. Not only was she hurting from her disappointment of the first adoptive couple, but the hospital was putting pressure on her to make a decision concerning Corra’s life. The young mom called Ted and said, “David keeps calling the social worker every day. I can’t believe he’s still interested. I can’t believe that they still want her with so many problems.” The birth mother’s heart was so touched. She could see the love that Corra would receive living with David and Rebecca. Finally, the call came to the Lawson family—their daughter was ready to go home. David and Rebecca moved little Corra into her new home. With welcome cards taped around her crib, and the loving gaze of her four new brothers and sisters, Corra finally had a family who wanted her.

They had only six days with her before she went to be with the Father. When asked why they went so far for just six days, David said, “Why wouldn’t we do that? She was our daughter!” To choose someone to love that can love you back is one thing, but to choose a broken son or daughter is a God kind of love. As a matter of fact, we were all like Corra when God’s love was poured out on us. The Bible says it best:

“You can tell for sure that you are now fully adopted as his own children because God sent the Spirit of his Son into our lives crying out, ‘Papa! Father!’”(Galatians 4:6).

Editor's Comment: Ed Tandy McGlasson will be the featured speaker at the July 30 – 31 COTM Men’s Retreat (contact Brian Burns for info: 760-937-3884). Ed is a former lineman in the National Football League where he played with the Giants, Jets, and the Rams. Ed's call to ministry began in college after getting healed from a career ending knee injury that led to his conversion while playing for Youngstown State. Ed eventually entered the ministry in 1984 after a dramatic call, and started traveling and sharing his testimony. Ed is a best selling author, conference speaker, and the pastor of Stadium Vineyard in Anaheim, CA.

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