God's Will For Man - Repairing The Rift And Accepting His Gift

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Christian Author Writer How far, is too far for God? Is there a place that we can go that he can not find and seek us out? What about in our daily lives… is there anything that separates us from his forgiveness and love? For many, these questions are left unanswered, but not because of the reasons one would generally think. The reason for their lack of clarity, is associated in some way or another with ones conscience, not the written word of the lord. The misdeeds we all affiliate ourselves with, pushes us further and further away from the lord, so we think, but Gods mind-set isn’t carnal thinking, as we the creation would like to perceive it as. That statement proves itself many times throughout history in the Old and New Testament of the word, which is of God.

The lengths of God’s forgiveness should never deliberately be tested, but because of such unwavering love, we are given a second chance and for some a third, fourth, fifth and so on… Another chance is one that doesn’t come without repentance and in every case a “reaping.” This particular part of life hits hard for some and for others it’s merely a bump on the head, that eventually eases over a short time. The thing that we all must remember, is that finding redemption from our past selves, is only half the picture, but some of our past faults and wrong doings often come back to haunt our prosperous futures.

The “reaping” metaphor, has been overly exercised in many of my columns, but “why you ask…?” Because, it is a question that’s ultimately up to you to answer. Lets say for an instance, as long as there is wood on a fire, will it in-turn continue to burn? And lets say that when a strong wind blows through, will the fire ignite and possibly spread? The answer is, “YES!” This fact holds true for the sins we commit… the more we partake in, the more we have to reap later down the road.

In our lives, we concern ourselves with matters of the moment and not of the hour, nor the negative impacts they might have on our futures. Not everything that looks good today, remains that pleasing tomorrow. This is the rhythm of life, things change, but in some cases we can not change with them. Forgetting our first love for things that are only momentary, lands us in the most uncomfortable of situations. Our actions truly have consequences and we have to make sure those actions are that of a positive nature.

Psalms 103:12, "As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us,” as stated in Holy scripture. God is willing to meet our spiritual needs with eternal love and with grace, but we must be attentive to his will, never ignoring the entire purpose. It is a wonderfully amazing feeling to receive forgiveness, but we must not return, nor dwell upon a troubled past. Forgiveness was paid with the blood of Christ Jesus and in him we are delivered, redeemed and saved… This blessing is offered freely to us for a choice, ultimately giving us a second chance.

The unimaginable and indescribable love of the Heavenly Father knows no bounds, but when we seek it, we must take much thought in it and acknowledge any and every fault in our daily lives. It’s there for us when we need it, but that doesn’t mean we should result to taking advantage of that opportunity. There is in some sense, a price to pay for forgiveness, whether we know it, or not. Seeking forgiveness is free of charge, but reaping for your former faults, unfortunately comes with a price.

Along our journey, ones faith can be shaken and sometimes lost, but in such pain, sorrow or doubt, we must never lose sight of the ultimate purpose for our lives. God has given us a guide to follow which is Christ, and a way to walk closer which is the word, even when we sometimes fall. The plan for our creation is indeed evident, but we must make a choice and connect with Christ, repairing the rift and accepting his gift.

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