God's Will For Man - A Need Not Met By Man, But By God

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Christian Author Writer I sat there observing people coming in and out. Some old, some young, some big and some small. I sat there, pondering what could have brought them here. So many people of many different walks of life, all shared something particularly distinctive in common. That something, was a need, a legitimate longing for help. A longing for assistance, with either their declining medical conditions or that annoying, nose blowing, stuffy-headed feeling of the common cold.

The air seemed very clean, but the exterior could have used a little help. The people seeking help didn’t seem to mind, not one bit. But now reflecting back, I completely understand. It’s because their needs are so great, big or small to be healed, that they only see potential well-being, not the distractions that surrounded them.

Their needs reached far beyond what the human eye could see. They were in a state of mind that when they left, they would have all they needed. The previous problems and conditions would be, either a thing of the past or a ongoing war that is figuratively coming to it’s end.

A little boy, fairly skinny, stretches as best he could, tiptoed as he strokes his fingers across the water of the fish aquarium. Such joy he is feeling, such satisfaction he has achieved, ignoring the true purpose of this visit.

His grandmother sits patiently, glancing up once or twice from a health fitness magazine, making sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble. Although, she doesn’t know, her worry was showing. Her concern is not unnoticed. The issue is yet to be revealed, but the conclusion will be examined by the doctor. He will address the problem with a solution, and ease the troubled mind of a guardian.

Many who came to that doctors office on that hill, came for peace, assurance and hope. In my times of observance, I uncovered a spiritual meaning. God is like the doctor, meeting our every need. As the people, big or small, short or tall, they knew in whom to entrust their condition or circumstance.

The heavenly father knows all of our needs, our most deepest desires, our most intimate and personal longings. He’s there to mend our spiritual wounds, as well as hearts and minds. There’s nothing to hard for him to fix, nor too complex for him to solve. God grants requests according to ones faith, just as the patients relied upon the doctor.

Our problems may rage around us, our situations way seem impossible to overcome, but we must learn to trust in Christ, and know, the need is not met by man, but by God.

Spiritual Acknowledgments -

Matthew 11:28
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

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