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Christian Author Writer He sits and thinks for a time… Looking around at this new place that he’s never been before, but knows it’s where he needs to be. The feeling is right, the atmosphere is pleasant, filled with a slight smell of ink and old stacked papers.

He knows it’s nothing short of a miracle. He knows only God guided his path this far, but the excitement is outweighed by a sense of wonder. The thought of what awaits his future, what thrills are yet to come.

Interrupting his thoughts, colleagues rush in with a fury, greeting one another and then quickly beginning each of their designated tasks. What place could be better than here, and right now… His dreams have become within reach, not anymore an aspiration or afterthought, but a taste of reality and possibility.

He thinks of his hard work and dedication, combining long weekends worth of endless fact checking, and tireless editing, as a sign of a potentially good reporter. His editors and seniors are impressed with his skills and his “go get em” attitude.

He knows underneath it all, the extreme work and effort he puts forth is not of his own doing, but by another. All of his success is brought on by a higher being. A nameless wonder, known as the one and only true God.

In our lives, we are naively ensured by the efforts we think are our own, being blindly unaware of the will and power of the heavenly father.

He didn’t until that point, begin to truly look at life in a clear and unclouded way. With the busy schedule and overbearing responsibilities weighing down, he couldn’t see what was most important and how much acknowledgment he needed to give.

Out of all those weeks of trying so hard, accomplishing much, he forgot what mattered most, not so long ago. That something, was the acknowledgment he gave God almost everyday, for even the most simplest pleasures of life. Perhaps an extra pencil for a class assignment, or a much needed dollar in a pant pocket for a soda, during a warm and humid afternoon, he didn’t know was there. All of these examples are worth thanking God for, but their acknowledgment depends on how great the need.

The bible speaks of a woman, who had committed many sins in her time, and she came into the presence of Jesus and his followers. She began kissing the lords feet, and anointing them with oil and also, drying them with her hair. Many spoke amongst themselves about the sins of this woman, but Jesus knew beforehand, who this woman was, but also what she sought so deeply. “Forgiveness.”

Although many who walked closely with the lord, listened to his teachings, and promised to follow him wherever he would lead, failed to understand why this woman, as sinful and unjust in their eyes, as she was, how could the lord suffer her in his Holy presence.

Much like the disciples, people in our modern and ever-changing world think of such methods of acknowledgments, small in size, as pointless and unimportant. Even the people who acknowledge such small pleasures, are looked down upon and viewed as strange and over sentimental.

The manner of ones thankfulness and personal acknowledgment, depends upon the individual need. The longing to be healed, delivered, set free, and made whole… Once one’s desperate need has been met, there is much joy, cheer, but most importantly hope and faith.

We believe more after being brought through our circumstance or problem. It empowers us to take on new challenges that are ahead on our path. I have been recently encouraged by the will and power of the most high. Primarily, how he opened doors that were to me closed and unable to budge.

I was given a chance, and one that I wont take lightly. God blessed me, and I acknowledge his works daily, like I once did before. I have learned what it means to be truly thankful, remembering what I’ve forgotten.

From now on, it will be a little less of me, and a lot more of God. He has the final say in the matter, regardless ones hard work or not. It’s in him, I give the glory and in him, I place my trust.

Spritual acknowledgments:

Psalm 34:10: “Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the LORD will never lack any good thing.”

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