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Christian Author Writer There is a brand new billboard right outside of the Lincoln Tunnel which reads, “You KNOW it's a Myth—This Season, Celebrate REASON!” The picture depicts a traditional nativity scene. The billboard was paid for by the organization “American Atheists” and it cost a reported $20,000. It’s scheduled to remain up throughout the holidays.

According to their website, American Atheists aim at putting an end to Christianity—claiming it is built on myth.

When I saw this news story yesterday I thought, “Just what evidence do we have that our faith in God is more than a myth?” And then I laughed! The proof is so “in your face” that it makes me pity the poor soul who simply cannot see what is in plain sight. Of course God exists. Hello? Sunrises… newborn babies… rushing mountain streams… the love between a man and a woman… starry nights… The evidence is everywhere!

Let me give you my short list of why I believe in Jesus:

1. I know God exists because He changed my nature. I did not have to clean myself up before I came to Christ. I came, just as I was, and He accepted me and made me new. He IS my salvation.
2. As my first child was laid in my arms I was filled with an unspeakable joy and my eyes were irrevocably opened to the goodness of God and the wonder of His many gifts. He IS the giver of perfect gifts.
3. I know God exists because only He can give me peace. In any situation, no matter how upsetting, dangerous, traumatic, or chaotic God gives me peace as I spend time with Him. He IS the Prince of Peace.
4. I believe in Jesus because He’s healed me many times. He healed me of Lyme disease 11 years ago—and the list just goes on and on. In fact, this headaches illness that I’m currently struggling with doesn’t worry me too much because God heals. It’s just who He is. He IS my healer.
5. I know God exists because He leads, warns, and counsels me in a myriad of interesting and intriguing ways. He IS Wonderful Counselor.
6. God has made Himself real to me by fulfilling many of my dreams, desires, and longings. No, I’m not living a perfect life with perfect circumstances—but I am living proof that God will shower His love and abundance on anybody who comes to Him with childlike faith. He IS unfailingly good!
7. As my husband and I prayed for our kids last night it occurred to me that God has so wonderfully answered our prayers recently. What a blessing to be able to clearly discern the hand of God in your children’s lives. Again, we’re not living a perfect life with perfect kids—but we do plainly see the hand of the Lord upon them. And we are thankful! He DOES answer prayer!
8. Lastly I know God is real because I am filled with love for Him, and I am convinced that He loves me! I have encountered His presence in ways that are undeniable, and these experiences stand as a testimony that is unshakeable and stalwart. Nothing can shake my faith in the reality of God because I know Him. Just as nothing can shake my knowledge of my husband (there’s just too much evidence to prove that Jeff exists), nothing can shake my knowledge of God. He IS Mighty God.

How could I not worship and adore the God who has made His works manifest in such a way that they have been painted across the canvas of my life in bold, bright, vivid colors.

And it’s not just me that He’s blessed, right? He’s blessed you too! He’s given you a roof over your head, food, clean water, a warm bed. Perhaps He’s given you a spouse to enjoy… to eat dinner with… to have companionable conversation with… to snuggle with on cold nights. Maybe you have a couple of kids or grandkids—with all the challenges they bring—but what a blessing they are, right?

He’s given you fresh air, sunshine, and the awe inspiring High Sierra Mountains to gaze at and enjoy. He’s given you an adorable town to live in with many quaint shops, delectable bakeries, homey restaurants, and a small-town movie theater right there on Main Street. He’s given you a world class ski resort 45 minutes up the hill, the Buttermilks to explore and climb, and numerous mountain lakes to fish and hike around.

The Lord has made His works manifest in our lives in every conceivable way—and He longs for us to simply open our eyes and see Him for who He is. Like the billboard said, let’s celebrate REASON this season. And any reasonable human can plainly see that God does indeed exist.

Paula Friedrichsen is a member of Church on the Mountain, a vibrant community of believers in Crowley Lake. We meet at 9:30 Sunday mornings. Call for more information: 935-4272 or

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