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Christian Author Writer Whats your stumbling block? What is it that’s stirring the troubled waters under your bridge of Hope? For some, these questions are best left unanswered, because it seems easier to just cope and ignore, to overlook the problem as if it will disappear or fade away. But I tell you, it never truly diminishes, it never truly fades from our hearts or mind.

Inner struggles are the silent killers of our faith, love, and spiritual prosperity. It’s never an easy battle when confronting ones self. We are at our weakest when we are alone, but these battles can’t be won with the helping hand of others, but through the hidden inner strength within ourselves, and our belief in something greater.

As I watched the heavens, clouds flowing fast across the afternoon sky, grey and pale. “Winter is coming,” I thought to myself. “It’s almost here.” As wonderfully settling as it seemed, the coming of Christmas, the constant greetings one to another. No one ever really seemed to mind how cold it actually was.

The garden of giving was frigid yet ripe with promise. Many were plucking and replanting with good direction and intention, but what happens when the weather becomes a true threat, icy and slick? What happens when we are over come with what we tried to ignore. The signs were all around us, we felt the chill of Winters coming, but we ignored it, replacing the voids in our lives with other interests. In this case the “The Season of Giving.”

I stood there, taking it all in. I stood in wonder of how these people going to and fro with warm smiles on their faces, nuzzled couples in each others arms, had all in fact been hurting deeply just months before. Some friends, some family and some I didn’t know. Sadly, after this season departs from us, so will it have taken a little more of our joy and happiness.

I’d like to think the holiday season brings out the best in all of us most of the time, but in this case, it’s quite troubling to my spirt. I couldn’t seem to get cheerful that day. I couldn’t seem to get happy, because I knew those people were hurting inside, as was I.

I suppose they were putting on the face that everyone wanted to see, but once alone and quiet, the personal struggles and problems crept their way to the surface. I’m sure you’ve been there once or twice. The heavy hearted mother who longs for her lost child, the overburdened dad who prays for another wife, and mother for his children. The elderly, ailing grandmother who raises her grandchildren the best she knows how, or maybe the hurting children who’s world was torn apart during their parents bitter divorce.

Whatever the issue, whatever the situation, our hearts all ache alike. Problems cloud our judgment creating a void and darkness inside, leaving us lost within, searching for the other half. That journey will never truly be over until your ultimate destination is realized. We must listen when in the dark, calm and silenced from the world. If we try... we can hear the echos of hope that lead us into eternal light and warmth through Christ.

Sure, alone sometimes we are at our worst, but we are also at our best. We learn so much about ourselves that otherwise we wouldn’t have known. Once we have come to terms with what struggles we face day, to day, then will we hear the Heavenly Fathers voice, guiding us out of the shadows and into the light of truth. You’ll know him when he calls. Just listen closely.

Spiritual Acknowledgments:

Isaiah 30:21: "And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This [is] the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

“If I’ve learned anything from this Holiday Season, is that hiding our problems doesn’t fix them, because we often stumble back over them when going about our daily routine. Let’s de-clutter our lives, making a change that lasts year in and year out, not just one month. It’s one choice that everyone can appreciate in the long run and it starts with Christ.”

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