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BP Khanal
Sources are taken:
Souvenir, 50th Anniversary of Ramghat Church Pokhara, 2002
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Personal Interviews with Bhuwan Singh Gandarba (Daud’s own Brother in Tansen), of his ralatives and other witnesses of the faith.
Written interviews with Dr. Thomas Hale (through Email dated on Sat 23rd Aug 2001, 10:32:17) and Ron Byatt (dated on Thu, 18th Oct 2001, 06:52:54)

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Biography Pastor Daud Masih (AD1921 – 2000)  
Christian Article  - Evangelism
Fiction: False
Daud Masih is not his real name but the given name by the missionaries who worked with him during his new experience of Christian faith (Daud is Nepali version name for David.). He was born in a low-caste family travelling singer called Gaine or Gandhrba in 3rd July 1921at a Rana’s Palace side in Tansen, Palpa. His mother, Jarimaya died when he was 29 months. And his father Lok Bahadur married ano ... Read Christian Article

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