Christian Writer Author: Bob Arba
Location: Louisiana , United States

Christian AuthorBob Arba is a young aspiring author whose works include several short stories and articles published on the Internet. Bob makes his home in West Monroe, LA Bobs? mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of print. Bob enjoys using fictional characters and/or biblical characters to show by example how to overcome difficult challenges that we face in real life. Bob is also currently writing his first fiction book that will be released in early 2009. You may also contact Bob at or visit Bobs' website at to view other article that he has written.

I've Written . . .

The Garden Gate  
Christian Poetry  - Inspirational
Fiction: False
Once I had a beautiful garden, That I could call my own I tended it with much care, To me it was my home. This whole garden where I roamed It all belonged to me, Except that in the center, There was one forbidden tree. On the east side of my garden There was a shining gate, I never wandered there, For I knew not what destiny would await. But now that I have partaken Of the f ... Read Christian Poetry

The Effects Of A True Friendship!  
Christian Article  - Relationships
Fiction: False
For most of his life Jim was strong in his faith. But today he found himself at a point in his life when his faith is put to the test. He found himself questioning whether God really cares. Does God really understand my situations? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers anymore? At one time early in his Christian life Jim had a close intimate relationship with God. At one time in his life h ... Read Christian Article

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