Christian Writer Author: Billy Coffey
Location: Virginia , United States

Christian AuthorBilly Coffey is a writer living in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. When he isn't writing, he is usually sitting on the front porch with his wife or rolling around the floor with his two young children. He can be reached by email.

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For Jordan and Me, Life is Just a Window Shade  
Christian Article  - Inspirational
Fiction: False
A Tuesday found me, per routine, enjoying my lunch hour with the ducks at a local p ark. That’s where I saw her. A little girl, no more than eight, red-haired and freckled and about ten feet away. I will call her Jordan because that was not her name and that was the way she wanted it. I said hello. Her mouth formed a strange smile that was part sadness and part reluctance. She managed a weak wave. ... Read Christian Article

The Great Front Yard Experiment  
Christian Article  - Life
Fiction: False
I’d spent every afternoon that week repaying a favor. Peter had helped me install some flooring in my house, so helping him repaint his garage was the least I could do. It was good, honest work. Also a little dull. But we received more than enough entertainment from Peter’s neighbors across the street. "Transplants from the city", Peter said. "Mister, missus, and six-year-old Mary. Good people ... Read Christian Article

Fixing What’s Broken  
Christian Article  - Overcoming Struggles
Fiction: False
“Daddy, can you fix this?” My son holds out his favorite toy, strategically placed between me and the football game on television. Once a marvel of technological know-how, it now hangs lifeless in one hand. He flips a switch and turns a knob for proof. Nothing. My son is confused and dejected. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with his toy. All he knows is that it’s broken. “Sure,” I answe ... Read Christian Article

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