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Christian Author Writer Was setting on my front porch today, drinking coffee. I live out in the country amongst a lot of large trees. Being a country boy, I love to plant stuff and I have a rather large front porch with potted plants hanging all around it. Well, I live alone with the exception of a young female cat I named Jenny. I don't mind telling you she is the love of my life. I had dogs all my life and never thought I would take up with a cat. If I spend too much time talking about her you will think I am some kind of weirdo, so I'll move on as quick as possible because this could do great harm to my super macho image.

I reckon Jenny is about as near to being perfect as is possible with the exception of one thing. She has a real fondness of lizards. I mean to say, she likes to eat 'em.

Well, I had just got through feeding the squirrels, rabbits and birds when suddenly a big thunder storm started brewing up out of the north, but I decided I was going to drink my coffee on the porch anyway. I have a beautiful ivy that is one of my favs and I noticed a young lizard was trying to jump from the banister of the porch to one of the vines of that ivy. I knew what he had in mind. He knew if he could make it to the pot it would give him shelter in the midst of the storm and the only way to the pot was through the vine. My, my, my, good neighbor. If you have any part of the Holy Spirit in your life, you already know where Ol' Poppa K is going with this story.

He was one of my favorite kinds of lizard, you know, the kind that changes color to fit the surrounding. Can't think of the proper name of 'em. Well, I decided I was going to help him out, not grab him or anything like that, and at this point I knew Jenny had already spotted him. So I figured if I pull the vine to where he could jump on it he could run up the vine and be safe. He had already made several attempts to do so, but because the wind was blowing so hard he kept missing the vine and falling down. Well, every time I would approach he would run back. He was afraid I would hurt him and all I was trying to do was give him safety from the storm, and the cat.

So, Poppa K out-smarted him. When he had his eye on Jenny, I slipped up behind him and put the ivy vine right smack down in front of him. He jumped on the vine and scurried up to safety. I sat down to drink my coffee and the Holy Spirit descended on me in waves. Being a little on the emotional side, I lost it and began to weep and praise my precious Master. I thanked Him for all the times that He tried to help me and I would pull back. Thank God, He didn't give up. Praise His Holy Name. Thank you for your prayers.


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