A Chiffon Laced Gown

Writer Author  Cheryl Mariano
Christian Poetry : Prophetic  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer A chiffon laced gown, with matching hat, and accessories
Was what I wore to meet the Lord, for we had a date at three

He was already there when I arrived, He was waiting patiently
He smiled at me and whispered sweet, "You look so lov -e- ly"

He wasn't looking at my clothes, He was looking inside of me
And I heard Him say, "When I see the blood, I will pass over thee"

He gently took my hand in His, we walked along the path
That led into the garden, and then I heard him ask

"Do you know why I asked you here?" "No Lord" was my reply
Then I heard Him breathe a sigh, and tears came in His eyes

"The hour is late, There's no time to delay"
"Listen Beloved to all that I say"

"Proclaim this message loud and clear"
"To all who will listen, to all who will hear"

"I am looking for children, who are willing to die"
"To lay their ambitions, desires aside"

"To bear in their bodies the marks of the cross"
"Withstand the heat of the fire, as I burn off the dross"

"To count all their gains as though they were loss"
"To stand true to my calling, regardless of cost"

"Be willing to wait for Heaven's rewards"
"And even in dark times Still Call Me Lord!"

"It will not be easy, but with you I'll be"
"But I need you to say" "Here I am Lord, send me"

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