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Writer Author  Cheryl Mariano
Christian Poetry : God's Love  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer In this world where we all live
Not too many people find the heart to give
Now listen folks I've got something to say
God never meant for it to be this way

You see long ago in Jerusalem
God from above gave his only Son
He brought us hope for a brand new life
One that is free from hate and strife

Today our society is all wrong
I wish we all could get along
People are different as you know
Hate seems to follow no matter where you go

I know for a fact that things can change
Even your whole life can be rearranged
Just trust in God he'll give your heart a lift
To receive salvation accept God's free gift

God just wants to show his love
We need to keep our thoughts on things above
God will be with you no matter where you go
To you the right way he will always show

To yourself you might say "What does this guy know?"
I know this is true the bible tells me so
People today are just so cruel
To watch out for themselves is their "Golden Rule"

You can believe what I say this is no lie
Some would leave a person all alone to die
Many in this world are so confused
It seems we are all just getting used

But this world doesn't have to be this way
If folks would only stop and say
I'd like to find someone to help today
I'd like to make the world a safer place to stay

Every Christian has a purpose why they are here
To reach as many as we can whether far or near
We must try our best to reach the lost
We must tell them about Jesus no matter what the cost

Now listen folks if you are here today
And you say to yourself "Id like to know The Way"
Just trust in God with all your heart
Ask for his forgiveness and a brand new start

Then inside you will feel such peace
The Holy Spirit in your life will be released
It's great in your life when you give God his place
Why not invite him in Now to fill your empty space

Editor's Comment: Written by Kevin Mariano, Cheryl's son, and used with his permission.

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State: Arizona
Country: United States
Email: cherylmariano@gmail.com
Website: cheremiahbooks.com
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