Lil' Noah's Adventures for iPhone Teaches Children about Noah's Ark

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Christian Author Writer San Francisco, California - SimpleComplexity Games recently announced the release of Lil' Noah 1.0, their new children's education bible game for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Lil' Noah is a great way to introduce and experience the amazing story of Noah's Ark. Lil' Noah follows him through the process of following God's commands to build the ark, find the animals, and surviving the flood. Each of these elements of the story is illustrated through four different games.

Lil' Noah Game for iPhone

Lil' Noah is a great way to learn while having lots of fun. SimpleComplexity Games feels that the religious gaming community is underserved by lack of quality. Most of the games that cater to that community are either ill conceived or have low production quality. SC Games wants to advance the education by entertainment method for the religious community. Lil' Noah is the first attempt at this goal.

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