Christian Writer Author: Reverend Monita Dukhia
Location: California , United States

Christian AuthorReverend Monita Dukhia has been preaching the Gospel globally for the last decade. She has a heart for those considered the least of Christ's brethren and her ministry has taken her to war-torn Sri Lanka and the jungles of Peru! She is an anointed and faithful minister of Christ, who will labour for Him under the worst circumstances. Reverend Dukhia is no stranger to grievous trials and afflictions: she bears them graciously in the name of Christ and for the sake of His Gospel. She faithfully presses onto the mark of the prize of Higher calling in God through Christ Jesus. Her global ministry - "The Lion of Judah Ministries, ,"- is a beacon of hope to those lost without Christ in a dying world. Reverend Dukhia is an evangelist who has ministered on a global basis for more than a decade; she has worked extensively with abused people, especially women and children, in developing countries. Her astounding testimony of Christ's love, mercy, grace, and healing power will infuse readers with the restoration, renewal, and healing they crave. Today she devotes all her time to reaching others for Christ, but there was a time when her life was troubled and peace eluded her.

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Out Of The Miry Clay  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Inspirational
Fiction: False
After Hitting Rock Bottom, Reverend Dukhia was Healed by Christ's Stripes Overcoming adversity, betrayal, and abandonment through prayer and God’s love. Monita Dukhia pens an astounding testimony of Christ's love, mercy, grace, and healing power in her book titled “Out of the Miry Clay.” It is an effective manual for those in pursuit of peace where a person could overcome adver ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

Managing Christian Finances And Overcoming Bad Spending Habits  
Christian Column  - Finances
Fiction: False
The PBS nightly news broadcast was on in the background as I worked away on my laptop. The news anchor read the headlines and it sounded like the same old story for the past two months. January jobless report has hit a new low since 1992, with a loss of 600,000 jobs! I groaned heavily in my spirit and looked up from my typing on the computer. Oh no! More people out of work, the economic conditions ... Read Christian Column

The Pastor's Pen - Christ our Burden Bearer  
Christian Column  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
We all get weary and time to time we do feel heavy laden with our cares. With the current economic circumstances in the US and ministering on a global level I do get weary and discouraged sometimes because I hear of my Christians all over the globe suffering terribly because of the global economic situation is quite dire. But as Christians we can take heart because our Lord Jesus Christ exhorts u ... Read Christian Column

The Pastor's Pen - God's Agape Love  
Christian Column  - God's Love
Fiction: False
God’s Agape Love When someone whom you love deliberately hurts you, do you wipe the incident from your memory completely and continue loving them in the same way, irrespective of their beastly treatment of you? Or do you find that the more the object of your affection deceives, betrays, and hurts you for no good reason that you find yourself withholding your love from them so as to pro ... Read Christian Column

The Pastor's Pen - The Cross of Christ  
Christian Article  - God's Love
Fiction: False
Dearly beloved, when you think about the cross of Christ, how does it impact your Christian faith, thoughts and mood? Do you view the cross of Christ as an offense because the act of crucifixion was so horrific or do you see it as the ultimate sacrifice upon which the Righteous One gave His life as the ultimate sacrifice for us so we may be reconciled to God the Father? The Greeks of Christ’s time ... Read Christian Article

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