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Christian Author Writer From freedom in Christ given to you by Grace and Truth you will be plunged into deepest darkness of physical and spiritual famine. This is a pit you have dug by allowing Satan to have his throne and turning your back on me.
You have chosen leaders to keep you in Egypt instead of bearing fruit in Gods kingdom.

I, the Lord, am a Holy God, the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the only God there is no other.

I am to shake the earth to its deepest core. I will ride stealthily as a thief in the night to bring ruin to the wicked.

To those that know me hold and stand fast. I will not let you go!

Famines, diseases, new diseases unknown to man will descend by my angels from heaven.

There is roaring in the heavens and rage at the injustice to children, orphans, widows, the fatherless.

The Lion of Judah is ready to roar mightily. Fire will breath from my nostrils in judgement against all abominations upon the earth in my sight and those who blaspheme my Holy name. There will be torments never to be seen for 5 months and no relief, this will fall on the ungodly for all to see. There will be no peace for the wicked.

Many will cry out but I will not listen. Their lack of compassion, their pitilessness towards others will fall upon their heads, burning coals.
Pray, pray, pray for your sisters and brothers, your family in Christ Jesus. They need your prayers for their suffering has afflicted my own heart for it is in my name they suffer. Lift up Holy Hands to strengthen those that remain, My Remnant. Pray for steadfastness to My Word.

Pray for strongholds to come down. Pray at every watch in turns. Stand guard fill in the gaps with your voices of praise and songs of deliverance. Pray for China, many suffer through lack of prayers. Pray, pray, pray.


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Humble servant of Jesus

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

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