Something Wicked This Way Comes

Writer Author  Jacqui Julyan
Christian Poetry : Prophetic  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer There is a something brewing
From the North a brewing
On Eagles Wings
There is a something a brewing

Cauldron of ‘delights’
To tantalize
To deceive
Exclamations of wonder!

From heaven it seems
Something is a brewing
Oh deceiving spirit
You are not welcome
You spell death upon their graves

You are concocting a lotion of ‘delight’
The coffin you bring
Shaped as ‘life’

There is something a brewing
Oh nations, can you not see?
Are you so blind?
Oh wicked nations
You turn to the dead
Fortune telling is your game
The road leads to hell
It is a detestable sin

Something is a brewing
To make your earthly taste buds saliva with glee!
But it is a rotten stench
The devil plays to your tune
Plays to your desires, earthly desires

Yes, something is a brewing
It will come, something wicked this way comes
But you will not see, nor hear, nor taste the deception

Oh such great deception

Oh something is a brewing
I cannot look upon it
Such filthiness from the bottomless pit
Brewing, bubbling, witchcraft, sorcery, delights of the devil

All sugar coated to taste sweet but is BITTER
I cannot look upon it
Such unholiness!


I am warning you, yes, I, the LORD am warning you NOW!


Shofar girl
Humble servant of Jesus

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

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