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Christian Author Writer Sylvia Huffnagle Has Published her ninth book called Resurrected Christ in Me.
Resurrected Christ in me is exactly what the book is about. The book is the product of the journal that I kept over thirty years as I diligently sought the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
One day I asked God just what Jesus had done for us. I said, "I know you are love, but just what do you want of us and just what did Jesus do for us?"
He gave me this: Jesus, the second Adam fixed everything that got messed up when the first Adam ate that fruit. I tell what He said in the second chapter.
The first chapter is what I call gold nuggets. That would be precious thoughts about God and His kingdom. Chapter two--the plan of salvation. Chapter three is about living spiritually. Chapter four is about sowing the Word and reaping the harvest. Chapter five is about clarifying who is the oppressor and who is the lover. Chapter six is how to fix the church.

Bio: Sylvia is an ordained minister through Crossroads Theological Seminary. She has been married for fifty-one years, has two grown boys and four grandchildren. Sylvia has written four Christian Romance fiction books, one book of fiction short stories, and three non-fiction books. She has also published a compilation of The American Minute by William Federer called God in America. They can be found @ or The nonfiction books are Bible Living Quiz Book, Transformed, 121 Biblical Articles, and this one - Resurrected Christ in Me. Sylvia's website and Pitch Page can be found using the link below.

Resurrected Christ In Me - A book by Christian Author Sylvia HuffnagleAuthor Sylvia Huffnagle Has Published her ninth book called Resurrected Christ in Me.

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