Christian Writer Author: Evangelist Alice J. White
Location: Oklahoma , United States

Christian AuthorAlice White is the oldest of seven children. She grew up struggling to survive in a Dysfunctional family. At an early age, she received the call of God on her life. As an Adult, she received the call to ministry. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, which she uses to reach many people for God. She continues to live a faithful, Christian Life and serve God in all she does.

One day God introduced Himself to me and my Life was change and will never be the Same. I once was lost but now I am found and the finding of God has made all things Possible.

I've Written . . .

Bridges Of Fallen Hope  
Christian Poetry  - Inspirational
Fiction: False
How will this end, why will it occur. I am lost the days of hope about gone. Life is a dream. Will it end? I am at the brink of death will this end? Tell me what is the reason for this dreaded hope, what is the end. Bridges are made to walk on why am I on them to live. Life is empty and void, what is the reason of dread and hope why is trouble so easily to acquire, when will it end? Tears ... Read Christian Poetry

Prophecy Of God: Everlasting Destruction  
Christian Poetry  - Prophetic
Fiction: False
When will the end of all things come and all is said and done. We will enter into the grace and favor of God, those that are completely in God’s favor and have tried to live a life holy and acceptable unto Him. Those that have not will not enter in, but will receive the punishment that is due to them. Don’t ask why when you have been told by all of God’s prophets that he has sent your way. The ... Read Christian Poetry

Our Comfort Zone - Chapter 27 - Life Must Go On  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Overcoming Struggles
Fiction: False
We can’t do anything about the past, but we can change the future. My biggest problem was that I did not know who Alice was or where was she going or what she would do when she got there. How could I love anyone if I didn’t know myself? I had a hunger in me that I could not satisfy and for a long time did not know I was searching after something only God could give. When I accepted Christ as my sa ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

Life is Life  
Christian Poetry  - Life
Fiction: False
Life is sweet as it can be. You take the bitter with the sweet, life is grand as you can see; you take the bitter with the sweet. Life can be like a merry go-round, the faster you spin the faster you go. Life is fast, life is slow you are the one that control the flow. Life is beautiful life is grand life is what you make of it. Your choice of life is beautiful as it can be. Life will spin you, ... Read Christian Poetry

Excerpt From "Our Comfort Zone" - Compassion for a Saint  
Christian Book Excerpt  - Christian Living
Fiction: False
One day I was sitting at a bus stop downtown. There were other people standing around but no one was sitting on the bench, which had space for about four. A man who supported himself on two crutches, and had the most terrible odor you could imagine, came over to the bench. He had sores all over his head, including his ears that were oozing a type of fluid I could not identify. The odor came from t ... Read Christian Book Excerpt

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