Prophecy Of God: Everlasting Destruction

Writer Author  Evangelist Alice J. White
Christian Poetry : Prophetic  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer When will the end of all things come and all is said and done. We will enter into the grace and favor of God, those that are completely in God’s favor and have tried to live a life holy and acceptable unto Him. Those that have not will not enter in, but will receive the punishment that is due to them. Don’t ask why when you have been told by all of God’s prophets that he has sent your way.

The time is here, the day is here; let us all prepare to see the coming of the Lord. What is the reason you are not prepared? There are reasons you did what you wanted and did not obey, so there is only one thing left is the punishment of your crime.

I am the Lord of your life and you are my children, who will you obey? I am calling you everyday and giving you the opportunity to come.

“I am the way, the truth and the life. There is none other but me…” I have given you signs that you didn’t believe; now it will be too late to enter in.

Grace is yours if you harden not your heart and accept the rest that I offer you. I am your way into the safety zone, why will you not understand and do as you are told? Here is an example of your hard-heartedness: When the flood of water came upon the earth you were not able to escape and you died. Now here I am warning you again with love and patience for you, to save your soul. Don’t feel sad when it becomes too late; late is late and there will be no turning around. The end will be here for all that did not hear my voice.

The water was deep; your life is short, come to me before its too late. No man knows the day or hour when the salvation of the Lord will appear. Look and see what God can and will do to the ones that are not sure of Him.

Temptation is great but I am the greatest. I am the one who will give you life forever more. Step to the right, step to the left but you will not find me. I am on the straight and narrow path that leads to everlasting life, not the path to hell. Keep in line with my teaching, look for me and you will see what reward I will give to my obedient children.

You have a life to live that is acceptable to me; I will not accept anything less. Test are for you and you will receive a reward if you pass them, if not you will enter the holding place I will prepare for Satan and his foes. The decision is yours I will not force you to live, the decision is yours to make. I gave you a choice now you make it. “Thus said the Lord God almighty that stands for the world.”


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