Bridges Of Fallen Hope

Writer Author  Evangelist Alice J. White
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Christian Author Writer How will this end, why will it occur. I am lost the days of hope about gone. Life is a dream. Will it end? I am at the brink of death will this end? Tell me what is the reason for this dreaded hope, what is the end. Bridges are made to walk on why am I on them to live.

Life is empty and void, what is the reason of dread and hope why is trouble so easily to acquire, when will it end?

Tears are flowing, answers are narrowing when will it end. Life is a billowing disaster and there are no answers to my dreams. “Oh Lord when will it end? Test me "Oh Lord and I will see the end. “Oh Lord the wind is blowing and my trials are growing strong. Temptation is at my door and the opportunity of dread is flowing.

“Oh when will my blessing come to me? Will the dread of night end? “Oh Lord whisper to me gradually. Tell me when will this end.

Test are sometimes too billow, when will this end. I am ready for an occasion, “Oh Lord when will this end. My trials of faith is crumbling my desire of faith is here. “Oh Lord hear my voice and come and rescue me. “Oh Lord come and rescue me.

You are my rock of salvation; you are the way to life. When will these trials of sorrow end “Oh Lord when will they end.

Sweetly are you calling, when will this end? Broken dreams are here and my will to survive is dread. I am waiting for you and I will continue to stay.

Hold up my bridge, don’t let it crumble, what will I hold onto. Don’t let the dread of life hinder me, what will I hold onto. “Oh Lord what will I hold onto?

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