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Christian Author Writer I've often wondered what happens to my socks when I put them in the washing machine to be laundered. They blissfully swirl around in their soapy water for fifteen minutes, and then spend the rest of the cycle getting spun. The next step is the one that puzzles me.

I put them in the dryer, but alas, one of my sockies is missing! Where has it gone? Have I put both of them in the washing machine? Have I misplaced one of them at an earlier time?

Why is it that the times I lose my socks to the yawning jaws of the washing machine, it is those socks that are the most expensive, the nicest, the most colorful, and the ones which have been discontinued?

What happens is, they either get stuck under the washer rim, or the big discount store where I buy the socks is in a conspiracy with some unknown entity, in order to get me to buy still more socks, or someone has made it his or her business to break into my house and steal just one of a pair of my socks.

And finally, why is it that of all my missing socks, I can't even make a pair out of the odd socks. This is truly a mystery!

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