What Not To Say To A New Christian

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Christian Author Writer UNWELCOMING WORDS: Now that you’re saved, you need to quit smoking, drinking, give up all your unsaved friends, stop listening to secular music, and going to movies.

WELCOMING WORDS: Now that you’re saved, just relax. The Holy Spirit will change you.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: You need to help in the nursery, join the choir or get on the usher team.

WELCOMING WORDS: Come to our church for a while, get a feel for what we do here, then listen to God’s voice. He’ll tell you what to do, when He wants you to do it.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: What you’re wearing isn’t appropriate for Church.

WELCOMING WORDS: God wants you to come to church, He wants to fellowship with you.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: God doesn’t like you to wear makeup.

WELCOMING WORDS: My, what a pretty color of eye shadow! It really brings out the lovely green eyes you have.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: You need to go to the altar and pray.

WELCOMING WORDS: No, you don’t need to go to the altar and pray, unless you want to. You can pray anytime, anywhere.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: You must always listen to the pastor.

WELCOMING WORDS: Above all, go to the bible for the answers you seek. Always check what someone tells you against what the bible tells you to do.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: You need to tithe ten percent of your income; we all do that.

WELCOMING WORDS: Give what you’re comfortable with, right now. God knows your heart.

UNWELCOMING WORDS: If you’re a Christian, you need to love everyone.

WELCOMING WORDS: Tell Jesus how you feel. He’ll change you, and He knows your heart. He knows you’re still struggling with your flesh, and He understands.

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