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Christian Author Writer Ronnie sat down on the hard bench with a thump. It was their favorite booth at the Cracker Barrel. Larry look at his wife, Veronica, now heavy with child. He didn’t want children; they complicated lives.

"Ronnie, to what do I owe the pleasure? You’re usually not out of bed until noon." He looked at her swollen body with keen distaste.

Ronnie said, "I knew you’d be on your break, and thought we should spend a little time together since you never come home anymore."

"What would I come home to, Ronnie? Talk of baby clothes and bassinets? You used to be more interesting." Three years ago, Veronica was a svelte one hundred and ten pounds, with a heartbreaking hour glass figure. He liked his women fit, and ready for anything, at all times.

"And you used to be attentive, and loving, never wanting to be away from me." She looked down at the scarred table. "Plenty of men want to take your place, even if I AM pregnant,"

"Who’s that new black guy hanging around the neighborhood? You seem to know everybody, now that you quit your job and stay home."

Looking at him with firey eyes, she replied, "Some people find me interesting and even attractive. By the way, who’s that girl that answers your cell phone all the time? Everytime I call you, some throaty voice says "Hello? No, he’s out on a route. Can he call you back?"

Larry shifted his body in the booth, and avoided her gaze. "She takes my calls while I’m on a route, and I give her a few bucks for doing it. Look, I gotta go, I’ll see you at home."

She noted he didn’t say what hour, or day he would be home. Ronnie gathered her things, and went to the cash register. Larry hadn’t paid the bill.

Once back on the sidewalk, she was happy, and walked home to her neighborhood, where someone loved and appreciated her.

Copyright © 2004 Jean Madigan

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